Tuesday 5 June 2012

Destination Lismire - The Place of a Thousand Welcomes

It was an early start and Michael and I were on the road at 8.30am and first stop was Drishane and then onward to the Blackwater crossing the river at the same ford as O Suillan Beare 400 years previous. The river was in full flow and a great challenge to begin our day. Back on "terra firma" our next appointment was with the students of Derrinagree National school. The students provided a wonderful welcome and showed great interest in how, why and when the march took place. The whole school then accompanied us out the gate and escorted us for a mile up the road to ensure we had safe passage.
On our way our visit to Breda whose hospitality and sense of fun put us in high spirits. Motoring and Newmarket at 3.00pm was our next goal and Ted ensured we made the appointment.

Here we were met by representatives from Lismire who escorted us to their homplace. Long after this trip is over will I remember the welcome, kindness and and friendship that we were shown this afternoon in Lismire. It is certainly the place of welcomes and Thank you Sheila and all your community of Lismire.

To end a perfect day MIchael brought me to his home place to meet his family.
A further 30 kilometers up the track as I record this blog my lasting thoughts are even though the scenery is very beautiful, it is the people that make this a very special place.
Le fior buiochas

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